In February, I took a plane to Norway for the first time in winter. At Stortjørnlia, in addition to renovation work, I explored the surrounding mountains on skis and snowshoes and also camped for the first time in winter. I went ice fishing for trout and sometimes saw the northern lights.

During the summer, I drove all the way north on E6 to Finnmark. There, on the Varangerhalvøya peninsula, I worked on the Kongsfjordelva salmon river. I counted, filmed, and fished for salmon. When summer turned to autumn on the stone tundra, I hit the road back, this time through Finland and Sweden for a change. In the south, I experienced a nice, sunny, and colorful autumn, full of berries and fish.

Norway 2014 - Winter and Spring ( 111 Images )

Norway 2014 - Finnmark expedition ( 141 Images )

Norway 2014 - Autumn ( 32 Images )