In June, I finally finished packing and headed north again, this time by car. As I arrived in Sweden, the summer was already in full swing. I passed through the southern landscape, and after a few days, continued towards the mountain range. Similar to last year, I spent a week at the Fulufjället plateau. Then I proceeded to the remote Töfsingdalen valley, full of ancient pine bonsai. This year’s summer was definitely the most pleasant since I’ve been visiting Scandinavia.

In July, my friend Kryštof arrived, and we continued our journey together to Norway. Once in Norway, we traveled to Mosjøen, where we took a detour to the coastline. We spent some time there before driving back to the highway to visit Saltfjellet. In Semskfjellet, we climbed to the glacier and continued our journey to Biearn, through the mountains, valleys, rivers, and fjords. We also visited Saltstraumen, the biggest maelstrom in the world. After that, we sailed to the Kjerringøy peninsula, where we enjoyed the end of the summer.

Then, I continued alone towards the south, where I lived for some time in a borrowed house at Stortjørnlia, close to Børgefjell. Besides working, I explored the surrounding mountains. In September, the forests were full of colors, and although the sunny weather prevailed, the days were much shorter. I also visited the coastline and the town called Berg. But, soon after that, the snow came, and I was forced to drive back. At the last moment, I crossed the mountains on shallow snow and icy roads, where the car sometimes turned into a sledge. In the middle of Sweden, it was still quite cold, -20°C, but with no snow. In southern Sweden, where the climate is basically the same as in Czech Republic, it was still a colorful autumn with no ice.

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