If you’re expecting something new, you’re truly mistaken. As every year in May, I traveled north once again to purify myself. Upon arriving in Sweden, I made my way to the mountains of Fulufjället, but there was still snowfall. Therefore, I decided to visit Sweden’s greatest waterfall – Njupeskär – before heading to the lowlands in Mora to renovate and create some gardens.

Later on, my friend Jakub arrived from the Czech Republic and we attempted once again to reach the Fulufjället plateau, which we succeeded in doing this time around. On the rocky plateau, where dwarf birches and willows grew in groups, we spent a few rainy yet pleasant weeks. We explored the area, including an ancient cyclic stone altar, and hiked around, fished, before crossing the mountain range into Norway.

In Norway, we continued hitchhiking north to Lofoten, where we experienced the end of summer and even saw the fascinating northern lights. After Jakub left for home, I remained in Lofoten to explore more. Then, I passed through Narvik and headed south due to the autumn weather. I took a nice few weeks‘ trip to the colorful autumn national park Børgefjell, where I found undisturbed wilderness again and didn’t mind the almost perpetual rain. When the sky cleared, the temperature dropped to -15°C at night. From there, I continued south, crossing Sweden, and after taking the ferry to Rostock, I rode on a truck back home.

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